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Transportation Service

Service Overview

Are you planning to move to a new place soon? Are you thinking to hire a reliable and professional online transportation services provider? Do you want to book a truck online but have no or less idea how to book it? If so, ShivaTruck can be the perfect solution for you.
We have introduced online truck booking services and goods transport services to bridge the gap between customers and transporters. In simple words, we have simplified the process of hiring or booking a truck. ShivaTruck, the most renowned and experienced truck booking company has introduced an advanced and user-friendly online truck booking platform to help customers to speed up the truck hiring process.
Online truck booking- A simpler way to book a truck
 When you book a truck online using our website or mobile app, you will experience that how easily and instantly a truck can be booked. With such a facility, neither you have to stand in the long queue to wait for your turn to book a truck nor you have to keep calling the transporters or transport service providers to book a truck.  You simply have to tap on your mobile or click on your computer to book a truck of your choice. The best part of online truck booking services is that you can get instant truck rates that will help you to quickly make a decision.
Flexibility to book the type of truck you want for your goods transport
At ShivaTruck, we facilitate our customers to select from a huge variety of truck types to the load and the material type they want to move. Furthermore, we have a presence in almost all cities across India. We are the best transport service providers in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Surat and many such big cities. So, no matter which city you are in, you can hire our transportation services by just using our mobile app or web portal.
Advanced mobile app to enjoy commercial transportation services
Through our technically advanced, easy-to-access and engaging mobile app, we have made online truck booking easy, quick and economical for businesses and domestic clients. You just need to book our online transportation services and soon our team will contact you and reach you to complete the procedure. We have a complete understanding of legal documentation, so, you don’t have to worry about the billing and insurance part.  Online truck booking has improved the customer trust in us as they get what they expected at the time of truck booking.
As a one of the best transport service providers, we are making the best use of advanced technology to make online truck booking or hiring transport services easier and smarter. Through our advanced, feature-rich and user-friendly mobile app, we’ll allow you to book a truck for your shipment without moving out from your house or office. Just a few touches on your Smartphone and you’ll have the desired truck at your location.
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