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Door to Door Service

Service Overview

The shipping and logistics industry is vast, and many terms drive the business. In our earlier blogs, we have spoken about terms like freight forwarding, Airway Bill Number, customs duty, HSN Codes, etc.

Door-to-door delivery service is one such term.

You might have heard ‘door-to-door delivery services’ before but might not have paid much attention to its meaning. Let’s look at what door-to-door delivery service is and how it works in the logistics industry.

What is the Concept of Door-to-Door Delivery Service?
Door-to-door delivery service is a somewhat confusing term in the logistics industry. Ideally, it means the delivery of products from the seller’s warehouse to the point of delivery, i.e., to the end customer.

But, door-to-door delivery also stands for delivery of freight from the seller’s pick up location to the consignee’s warehouse or transportation hub from where it is transported to the customer’s doorstep.

In either case, door-to-door delivery service does not require you to lift a finger to collaborate with different agencies to get your products delivered.

Here is why door-to-door delivery is a sensible choice for your business.

Advantages of Door-to-Door Delivery
Single Point of Contact for the Entire Delivery
When you opt for door-to-door delivery services, you do not need to maintain checks and balances at every stage of the shipment transfer. This means you only need to contact the account manager of your courier partner or shipping company to get updates on where the package has reached. It’s up to the courier/shipping company how they transport this package to your buyer’s doorstep.

Added Advantage of Insurance
With door-to-door delivery, the shipping provider also provides you with insurance for damaged and lost goods. Enquire about this with your delivery partner and ask if you need to activate it before, will they enable it automatically for every shipment. Shipping with insurance gives you an extra level of security for shipping your products over long distances. Moreover, it is an essential aspect of expensive shipments.

Reduced Costs
Door-to-door delivery does not require you to spend any additional costs at every stage of the fulfillment process. All the processes starting from the dispatch of products from your warehouse to the delivery of the product to the end customer, everything is done at one go. Therefore you do not need to arrange for any first-mile or last-mile delivery separately.

Decreased Operational Efforts
Since the courier company is taking care of the entire fulfillment process, you do not have to waste time or efforts on resource and fleet management for logistics. You can spend this time on your core business, product development, etc.

With door to door delivery service, you can align resources toward marketing and sales of your product and overlook the entire logistics process.

Easier to Manage
In door-to-door delivery service, you only need to stay in contact with one individual from the courier company. This enables you to conveniently manage the entire process and overlook it for timely delivery. If you do not opt for door-to-door delivery, you will have to take care of transportation from your warehouse to the fulfillment hub and then from the center to the customer’s doorstep.

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